• [Bangladesh] Agro-economy of coastal Bangladesh

    Bangladesh is one of the promising economies in the world. Per capita gross income (PCGNI) of the country is $987 in 2014 (Bangladesh Economic Review, BER, 2014). In terms of Development Index, Bangladesh ranks 140 out of 177 countries (Human Development Index, HDI, UNDP 2007). According to latest SVRS estimation (Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, BBS, 2008), 144.5 million people live in an area of 1,47,570 sq. km.

    The rate of population growth is 1.39% per year. The population density (979 per sq. km.) makes Bangladesh one of the most densely populated geographical areas in the world, and adversely affects the land-man ratio. Per capita cultivated area has steadily declined from 0.27 acres (1983-84) to 0.15 acres in 2005 (BBS, Agriculture Sample Survey, 2005.)


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