• Nepal Army to be Deployed in Libya

    Representing the United Nations, the Nepal Army (NA) is all set to be deployed in African nation Libya for peacekeeping mission.

    At the request of the UN, the Nepal government is deploying a special guard unit of the Nepal Army as UN peacekeepers for the first time in Libya.

    A specialized unit of 234 Nepali troops under the command of Lt.  Colonel Subas Thapa will guard UN properties and provide security for UN staffers working in Libya.

    The NA is sending a specialized squad of Nepali troops to Lybia at the request of the United Nations that highly esteems the NA for its professional skills, discipline, bravery and dutifulness.

    Birendra Peace Operations Training Center, Panchkhal on Tuesday organized a closing ceremony for soldiers to be deployed for peacekeeping mission in Sudan and Libya, where President Bidhya Devi Bhandari showed up and encouraged the soldiers to work wholeheartedly and make a good impression.


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