• Pakistan to Explore All Resources Including Nuclear for Energy Needs

    Dr. Ansar Pervez Member Power National Command Authority and former Chairman PAEC has said that Pakistan needs 40000 MW electricity by 2030 and to achieve this target, Pakistan has to exploits all resources including nuclear one. He was speaking at a Seminar on “ Pakistan: Peaceful Use of nuclear technology and Politics of Nuclear Suppliers’ group. Dr. Ansar added that by 2020/21, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission will be able to provide 3400 MW electricity to the national grid. By May 2017, it will provide approximately 1440 MW electricity through nuclear source which is sustainable and ultimately cheap. Further, this source of energy has no environmental impact as there is no carbon emission.

    The initial cost is high but finally, when debts are paid, it will cost Rs.5/per unit as it is true in the case of Chashma one. He said that today electricity’s short fall is 3500 MW. Speaking on the occasion Najamuddin sheikh former Ambassador and former secretary foreign affairs recalled that after Indian atomic bomb detonation in 1974, Henry Kissinger the Foreign Minister of United, visited India and met Indian Premier Indra Ghandhi and said that whatever has happened, “ Happened.” No other country, hereafter, be allowed to be nuclear. He apparently meant Pakistan. Kissinger then met Prime Minister of Pakistan Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. What he said to Bhutto, we do not know but after Bhutto determined to develop nuclear bomb. He went up to the extent to say “ We will make the bomb even if we reach to this level that we have nothing to eat except grass Pakistan still make atomic bomb. It seems that NSG was also organized to not let Pakistan become Nuclear. Khalid Banuri Former Director General Arm Control and Disarmament Affairs in his presidential address of second session said India is irresponsible nuclear state.

    The region and the world has been at risk. India supported USA is ambitious to join NSG where it fails to provide qualifying credentials which Pakistan does. Pakistan fully qualifies to be member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group.

    The membership has been politicized. No-Proliferation (NPT) has developed good and bad situation. Many countries could not become nuclear and those which have become nuclear are denied the acceptance. That will change the whole scenario and the world shall become from uni-polar to multipolar. Prof. Dr. Talaat A. Wizarat emphasized the civil use of nuclear technology by saying that Agriculture, health and energy is serving the people of Pakistan. She herself is beneficiary of this technology.

    Pakistan has done very well in this field. Prof. Tanweer Khalid a political scientist said that India obtained nuclear technology for prestige and Pakistan for its defense. Pakistan is a responsible country and qualifies to be the member of NSG. Dr. Zafar Ai Yousufzai Director General strategic Export control division blamed that world powers are supporting the membership of India though it least qualifies for membership of this group. Pakistan’s credentials are too strong for membership. But world is shying out in Pakistan’s case.

    Mr. Nusrat Mirza Chairman Rabita Forum international in his speech said discrimination has been against for NSG though fully qualify the membership. Other speakers were Haleema Saadia, Dr. Zafar Nawaz Jaspal and Dr. Rizvana Siddiqi from Islamabad. (source)

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